Fragrance Descriptions

Black Currant:   A juicy mixture of Wild Cassis with a hint of Jasmine and Vanilla
Black Pumpkin:  Roasted Pumpkin with just the right amount of Spices and  Vanilla  
Black Rose:   Decadent Plums, Seductive Black Roses, Rich Vanilla and Rockrose
Ceylon Woods:  Cinnamon Sticks, Clove and Dark Oak


Fleurs Ambre:   A sultry blend of White Florals, Sandalwood and Warm Amber


Vanilla Créme:   A decadent, warm French Vanilla Glacé with hints of Honey, Caramel and Brown Sugar


Orange Cordial:   A luxe concoction of Mandarin Oranges, Jasmine, Raspberry Jam, Plums & Warm Amber


Cathedral:   Livani (Greek Incense), Frankincense and Myrrh 


Gilded:  A warm and inviting blend of golden Royal Nectar Honey, Fruits, Clove, Dark Plums, Vanilla and Almond


Inglenook:  A smoky, warm and resinous blend of Birch, Peppercorn, Guaiacwood, Amber, Cedar Wood, Wild Agarwood and Tonka Bean


Devotion:  A warm and sensuous notes of Clove, Roasted Almonds, Blonde Woods and Vanilla Bean